scent profiles

the fall collection

spiced butter & gingersnaps
clove, cinnamon, brown butter
football saturdays
cola, orange + spice
apple cider & spice
apple, spices, brown butter, toasted fruit notes
classy autumn love
florals, cinnamon, spiced herbs -a classic fall scent
small town dreams
     coffee beans, tobacco, vanilla, cola spice
candy corn
     marshmallows and sugared vanilla syrup
toasted mallows
     campfire smoke, toasted sugar, brown butter, cocoa
the peachy pumpkin
     peaches, brown butter, vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon
mountain rain
     cedar, sandalwood, bergamot, citrus blend
lattes & donuts
     creamy coffee notes, sugar, butter
pumpkin love.
     pumpkin, citrus, cinnamon
hello october
     a classic toasty fruit + citrus spice blend
natural bee
     all beeswax here - scent varies on farm + hive