The Body Box includes one four ounce cocoa whip, one two ounce bb cream tin, one two ounce bath salt, one three ounce winter soap bar and lip balm!


Scent Options:

- Holiday Sangria 

- Spiced Amber + Honey

- Sweet Mint + Citrus Sugar


Cocoa Whip

Cocoa Love is a whipped body lotion and is completely unrefined + organic. This lotion melts on contact with your skin and dries quickly leaving you soft and silky - not greasy!


While these are scented, please note - this is an earthier lotion, you can actually smell the cocoa, mango + shea butters in their natural elements.


Ingredients: Wild Cocoa Butter, Organic and Unrefined Shea + Mango Butters, Organic Jojoba and Coconut Oil + Essential Oils + Premium Fragrance Oils


Soaking Salts

Custom blends of pink himalayan salt, epsom salt and dead sea salts infused with steam distilled essential oils. 


- Ginger + Orange with Clove and Cinnamon

- Peppermint

- Cinnamon


Do not ingest any part of this product.


bb Cream.

BB Cream is dense, water free moisturizing lotion. Completly organic and unrefined, you will find relief from the dryest of skin, natural antioxidents + natural anti itch properties.


We wanted to ensure any body could benefit from BB Cream so there are no essential oils or fragrance oils - keeping it safe for the tiniest of babes. 


ingredients: wild cocoa butter, organic + unrefined shea + mango butter, beeswax, avocado + argan oil+ pure vitamin e


Do not ingest any part of this product, intended use for external skin application. 


Winter Soap with Charcoal

A twist on our classic goat's milk soap infused with shea, mango and cocoa butter. Get a deep and refreshing clean with the added charcoal. 


Grain-free coconut milk base, raw unfiltered honey, organic argan oil, shea + mango + cocoa butter + vitamin e oil + activated charcoal. 


Hand poured, small batch crafted and grain free for the softess soap possible. 

Do not ingest any part of this product, intended use for soap only. 


Lip Butter.

Hand crafted lip balms free from alcohol, color dyes and grains.


Ingredients: locally sourced organic, single filtered beeswax, organic coconut oil, avocado oil, essential oils.


Seriously, hands down, the best lip balm you will ever put on those dry + cracked lips. Our .33 ounce tubes last months so you won't need to buy a gagillion crappy baby tubes at the gas station anymore!


*Do not leave in your cars during the summer or extreme heat. Because we don't put crap in these glorious tubes, they can melt.  


Our Oils

We use the cleanest oils around, paraben + phthalate + dpg free with zero color dyes. You can breathe a little easier knowing our oils are clean and safe for your babes too

The Body Box