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if you know any of the coco bee's founding story, you know how important allergies are to us - so it should be no surprise that sourcing and providing a clear ingredient list is something we work so hard for. 

we source clean, organic, cold-pressed and unrefined oils + butters for our skincare and all natural living products. our premium fragrance oils + essential oils are clean, organic or the highest grade available.  all our or "scented" oils are phthalate, acetone and paraben free. we do not use color dyes or mica, unnatural preservatives or alcohol.

if you suffer from multiple allergies, have a unique condition or are looking for help please reach out - we love taking on special requests and helping you feel good in your skin! fill out a contact us note and we would be happy to create something just for you!

we are currently sourcing our beeswax and raw honey from small farms in idaho, utah + washington - from small business owners just like us. 

our tubes and recyclable containers come from a small business in minnesota owned by ben and our packing and container needs are sourced from a long time family business with local operations in idaho + utah.

supporting small + local is something we seek everyday - it's what helps us stay so unique and kind of a "hidden gem".

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