BB Cream is one of those things that kind of happened on accident. My sister and I were able to go home this fall - that glorious state of Texas is home y'all - and her sweet baby j had terrible cradle cap and was covered in patches of eczema. Somehow I convinced her to let me shave his whole head and we lathered that sweet baby head to toe in this "stuff" I whipped up in Bibi's (my mom) kitchen.


After a few days and his cute little bald baby head was healing I knew I had to put this on the shop - but it was helping my sister's skin problems and my dry fingers weren't so dry anymore - so calling this miracle in a tin bald baby cream didn't do it justice. So this cream that made the bald baby less itchy and red and was whipped up in Bibi's kitchen was shortened to just BB Cream. 

I wish I had started to screenshot every message we received after so many people took a chance on us but gosh the mama's love it, the babies love it, our friends battling cancer love it - I call it the duct tape in the tin. 

BB Cream is free of water, fragrance, toxins - it really is that simple ingredient list at just the right ratios. It is unrefined, it is organic + it is truly the best thing I have made to date. 

If you have tried BB Cream - would you leave a note on the contact us page to share? We love sharing your stories!

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