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a little crazy, a whole lot of love.

hi! i'm kylie, founder of the coco bee, providing bodies with organic skincare and all natural living products full of nutrients and clean oils. after years of suffering from allergies, i realized i missed burning candles and shopping for fun bath products - really, i couldn't find good lotion too!

i started working with local beekeepers and i was determined to create candles that actually smelled good without the headaches + hives. once we mastered that part i set off to recreate everything i couldn't buy in a regular store. we started with lotion bars and real beeswax chapstick. 

after selling hundreds of products at local craft fairs and events, it became clear that others not only suffered the way I did, but cared about the ingredients in the products they put on their bodies too. 


i have struggled for years with my self confidence, being able to look in a mirror and actually say something positive. cystic acne, crappy hormones, all the allergies and our miracle babe did a number on my skin - but the shame and negative self talk goes back to middle school. one day, someone asked me why i started this company - it was a casual but real conversation and i so quickly opened my mouth and said it -  "i hate my skin and i wanted to help other people not hate their skin". ugh. i cried, and sometimes i still cry about it but i dug deeper, and here we are. 


the coco bee is so much more than candles now, the impact we make is tremendous - from helping mamas fight cradle cap to providing relief of dry itchy skin caused by chemotherapy - we are here for you.


we launched a complete skincare line designed for sensitive skin, without the preservatives and fillers that are safe for those preteen years through the wrinkle care and golden years. 

this mini me on my hip is our biggest fan and keeps the fire going. she has big plans "to take this whole thing over when mom is too old" so we have some work to do. 

at the end of the day, i just want to help people - help them with their dry skin, their babies eczema, help someone find clean face wash or headache free candles - it's about helping people without those 100% markup margins and crappy ingredient lists. 

we hope you find something you love or let us create a product special to you! i am really slow at messages still but i read them all - i'm just soaking up the good ole days and raising a babe. 



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