Hi! I'm Kylie, founder of The Coco Bee Candle Co., providing bodies with organic skincare  and all natural living products full of nutrients and essential oils. After years of suffering from allergies, I missed burning candles in my home and using really good smelling lotions and soaps. 

I started working with local beekeepers and I was determined to create candles, lotions, soaps, face masks, waterless skincare products, bath salts...pretty much everything I had to say no to. 

After selling hundreds of products at local craft fairs and events, it became clear that others not only suffered the way I did, but cared about the ingredients in the products they put on their bodies too. 


The Coco Bee is so much more than candles now, the impact we make is tremendous - from helping mamas fight cradle cap to providing relief of dry itchy skin caused by chemotherapy - we are here for you. 

When I'm not creating products that make an impact, you'll find me pushing my heart through bold boundaries to be the best version of a mother, wife, daughter and sister as I can be. I'm a creator + doer all while being inspired by others and inspiring them.