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home things.

we paired our best selling beeswax candles with non toxic room sprays and the softest hand soap to brighten your hive.

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fall things.

all things fall + collaborations are finally here!

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body care.

luxury body care starts with real ingredients & our products are as natural as they come. 

real ingredients.

we believe in simple things like real ingredients, the whole less is more.

read about it here.
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just tried the face wash! BEST all natural smelling face wash i have tried and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed.


every pregnant woman needs this lotion bar for the itchy stretching belly skin. bonus - it smells amazing.

alyssa a.

this stuff is so moisturizing my skin is always so dry and the bar and salve keep me moisturized without feeling oily.

nicole p.

loving these salves and lotions. my hands have been so dry from washing and sanitizing constantly and these have helped so much.

kailee u.

i just wanted to let you know my son had a patch of eczema on this back and we used BB Cream for one week and it was gone - working better than prescription creams.

amanda p.

fall is coming.
more wholesome content to come.

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